Nucleating agent (HP-1) 1,3:2,4-bis-O-(4-methylbenzylidene)-D-sorbitol - Skyrun Industrial
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This is our first generation of Nucleating Agent

Trade name: Nucleating agent (Same quality as Millad 3940)

Chemical name:1,3:2,4-bis-O-(4-methylbenzylidene)-D-sorbitol
CAS No.:54686-97-4
Molecular formula:C22H26O6
Molecular weight:386

Appearance white loose powder , without mechanical impurities
Melting point , °C ≥250
Purity, % ≥98.0

It is secondary generation of sorbierite type of polyolefine Nucleating agent , dosage in polyolefine is about 0.25%. Moreover, it also can be used in rubber, chemical fiber, textile, printing, coating, and pigment, etc.

We also supply:

1) HP-2 (Our second generation, Quality as same as Millad 3988)
2) Raw material of HP-2: 3,4-Dimethylbenzaldehyde)
3) HP-3: Third generation of HP-2