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Logistics & Storage
postdate:2009-08-21 HITS:5272

Skyrun.,Inc own and operate a stand-alone hazardous chemical warehouse with low-temperature refrigeration facility for specialty chemical reagents. We have the facility to store flammable liquids, flammable solids, pyrophoric materials, combustible when wet chemicals, oxidants, organic peroxides, poisons and corrosive materials.

We can provide various solutions for special handling of hazardous chemicals such as low-temperature, high risk, LCL, as well as the close coordination and integration of marine and land transport, etc.

We work with well known domestic logistics companies and had established a nationwide comprehensive shipping network integrating highway, railway and aviation systems to provide one-stop door to door delivery service to our customer. You will enjoy our excellent service no matter where you are, in moderately developed areas or in remote underdeveloped areas; in urban or rural areas.

Consult Email: sales@chinaskyrun.com